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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 3, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. public control of energy now. >> dozens of people are marching on chevron's richmond refinery. the rich manned fire snot -- richmond fire is not the only ones of on their minds.
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we start with a group gathered outside the chevron refinery in richmond right now. ktvu allie rasmus joins us live to explain their message. good afternoon allie. >> reporter: this group got here around 11:30 be a group of them gathered outside the richmond refineries gone gates. there was 70-100 people out here with their signs. it looks like a few of the people in the group have left and the demonstration may be coming to an end. one of the things we did notice is that the chevron signs that are normally displayed have been covered up with plywood. one of the things the group here is calling for for is for more government and public oversight of chevron and other oil companies and stricter safety standards to prevent the type of fire that happened here last month. the protestors also say oil companies should be
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nationalized and publicly controlled and chevron should pay more in taxes to support richmond schools and the local communities. the protests began at washington park around 10:00 this morning. then the group marched and made their way here to the front gates of chevron. the march was organized by the group united public workers for action and community organization. >> the equipment is old, it's not maintained. they made $26 million in profit last year. their equipment should be better maintained. it should be safer for the workers. >> reporter: now in response to the claims chevron didn't maintain the equipment we got a statement from melissa richy who says we cannot speculate on the cause of the incident that occurred. we are working with investigators to find the cause and determine so it doesn't happen it again. now she also told us that inspectors with the chemical safety board the epa and cal
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osha are still on site. but those investigators haven't been enter refinery unit number four because it is not deemed to be structurally sound. that part of the investigation is on hold right now. there is no timeline when inspectors will go into the refinery unit. live in richmond allie rasmus. >> thank you. later a different kind of labor day rally concerning a different kind of labor. in a few minutes why the protestors say why there are too many births involving sea sections or induced labors. two ray lay hoe police officers are on paid administrative leave. angry community members are demanding a full investigation. >> this police department has to be held accountable. this police department will be held accountable. >> the shooting happened early yesterday morning. police say they were forced to pull their guns on two men inside a car after they saw what appeared to be a gun.
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police fired 30 times hitting both men. he is fighting for his life. 23-year-old mario mammer row was killed. >> they did to my son azelaic he was an animal. my child was somebody that i loved. and he had a family that loved him. >> reporter: police say romero was on patrol for a weapons violation. a pellet gun was found inside the car with 60 ecstasy pills. we are just getting word of an arrest in an east palo alto stabbing that sent a man to a hospital in critical condition. it happened at a fight around 3:20 this morning. investigators say he was stabbed several times.
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police say a 17-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the stabbing. but there is no word on a motive. palo alto police are advising drivers to avoid the area of middlefield and san antonio roads. the southbound lanes of middle field are closed while officers investigate a fatal traffic accident. a vehicle hit a tree there just after 8:00 this morning. there is no word yet on when middlefield road will reopen. at this hour firefighters are rallying around one of their own who is in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest at the scene of a fire last week. ktvu janine de la vega joins us live to let us know there is a change in his condition. >> reporter: that is right. that firefighter frank ryan is here in the intensive care unit at regents medical care unit. his friends from the fire
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department are leer and -- are here and i spoke with one of his friends. he told me ryan is moving but he has not spoken yet. his family is supposed to get a briefing from doctors in the next few hours. firefighters from all over san jose have been taking shifts here to be a support to each other and to ryan's family. some are sleeping overnight on cots. ryan's brothers and sisters flew in from southern california and other parts of the country to be by his side. ryan collapsed on the ground and went into cardiac arrest after fighting a fire last thursday at st. patrick's church in downtown san jose. >> we don't want to leave. he shows improvements. we want to be there for that. we don't want frank to be alone and he's not. he won't be. we are going to stay here until the end. >> reporter: ryan is a 16 year veteran of the fire department. he is 41 years old and did not have a prior heart condition.
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one of the leading charges of death are cardiac arrest due top stress of the job. right now only ryan's family has been able to see him. his siblings will talk to a doctor to decide what is the next step is for ryan. as far as his treatment goes. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. >> thank you. parts of louisiana remain under feet of water today in the wake of hurricane isaac. residents slowly but surely are returning to their homes. the storm surge which was up to 14 feet spilled over an eight foot high levee. officials say there remains a threat of flood. in a couple hours president obama will be in louisiana to survey the aftermath of hurricane isaac. the president will meet hurricane residents. a quarter million people in the region are still without power. republican presidential nominee
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mitt romney visited the their on friday. the democratic national convention kicks off in north carolina tomorrow. president barack obama is making his way there but first before he goes to louisiana he's making a campaign swing in ohio. ktvu tara moriarty joins us from the newsroom to explain how this labor day the president tried to rally a crowd of union workers. >> reporter: that is right. the president used a lot of sports metaphors. he said mitt romney would guide the nation to a losing season. the president referred to a recent romney speech in which he said it was time to get a new coach. the president told supporters the problem is americans have already seen romney's economic play book. >> on first down he hike passes by nearly $2,000 on the average
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family with kids in order to pay for a massive tax cut for multimillionaires. that is on first down. sounds like unnecessary roughness to me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: every time the crowd booed obama said don't boo vote. certainly a very firey speech. one of the most impassioned ones. meanwhile as the democrats are putting the finishing touches on the stage for their national convention in charlotte which starts tomorrow, the republican national convention featured prominent speaking spots to a number of latino politicians called rising stars. top democrats say their party has more latinos. san antonio mayor castro will be the first to give a convention keynote address and some party members are pegging him as the next governor of texas and hopefully he will run for president. live from the newsroom on i'm tara moriarty. >> all right, thank you tara. we will have coverage of the democratic national convention all week long on ktvu.
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ken will join us live with reports from charlotte, north carolina at 5:00 and 10:00 p.m.. you can always get more information by going to just click on the dnc-2012 tab. the republican nominee mitt romney is taking the labor day holiday weekend off. this morning his wife and him went to the harbor. >> we believe the defense cuts will compromise peace and strength in national security. we believe the goal of government is promote a quality of opportunity not a quality of outcome. >> and republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan targeted young voters today in the swing state of north carolina. he delivered his campaign speech at east carolina university in the same state where democrats will hold their
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convention starting tomorrow. there is still a lot of work to do finishing up the joint. >> what cal tran is saying about the work on the dumbarton bridge and will it reopen on time? rosemary says the bay areas warming trend is not over and it will be felt on the rest of your labor day. bike race taking over some of the streets of san francisco today.
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wild fire raging in the forest has exploded to about 4,000 acres. the forest spokeswoman says it broke out yesterday near a popular camping and recreation area at the camp williams resort. the fire has forced the evacuation of thousands of visitors. it's burning through mostly heavy brush and it's just 5% contained. full containment is not expected until monday. southern california was rocked this morning by an earthquake. the usgs says magnitude 3.3 quake was centered in beverly hills. it was shallow so it felt pretty strongly close to the epicenter. they received numerous calls but there were no reports of injuries or damage.
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this labor day activists in berkeley are calling for better care of mothers giving birth. the group improving birth rallied this morning at the medical center on ashby avenue. it says there are too many cesarean sections and babies born by induced labor. they want birthing practices to be less centered on technology. >> that the doctors would have a little bit more patience and support the natural process. and have an optimal outcome for baby and mother. >> improving birth also says that while the u.s. spends more on maternity care tan any other country it ranks number 49 in maternal deaths. similar rallies are being held today in more than 100 cities across the country. dumbarton bridge remains shut down for a seismic upgrade. the job is set to be completed by 5:00 tomorrow morning. cal trans closed the bridge
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friday night and crews have been working around the clock. >> lots of work has happened over the last three days athree nights. a lot of the main elements of the new seismic joint that went into place are complete. >> cal trans also says while the dumbarton bridge is closed for seismic repairs they will be changing hov signs and cleaning up and touching up paint. new details on alternate routes. the northern detour route will take up to san mateo or mayward and then across the san mateo bridge. the southern detour takes you to san jose. a taxi driver could face dui charges after a cab smashed into a gas meter. it happened around 3:20 this morning. firefighters had to use special tools to reach a gas shut off valve. ten people were evacuated just
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as a precaution. but some left as soon as they heard the crash. >> we needily jumped out we ran outside. wiz thought the car was going to go through our bedroom. >> the people who evacuated for eventually allowed to return home. law enforcement will be busy today looking for drunk drivers. so far the chp says they have arrested nearly 900 people statewide from 6:00 friday night through 6:00 yesterday morning. that is down from last year. but deadly drunk driving accidents are up. the chp says level people have died so far. the chp will wrap up their enforcement later tonight. you may notice more police officers riding their bikes in downtown breathwood. they have purchased six new patrol bikes. officers can also perform traffic stops. a third of the officers are trained for bike patrols. more will be trained later this month.
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the annual san francisco bike race took off this morning. racers compete today in ten different categories. this is the 38th year. the races all start at levi strauss plaza and make a .8- mile lap. >> it goes about 40-45 minutes. i think it's preset for 40-45 laps. less than that. 28 laps. >> it began in 1975 as the san francisco grand prix. good amp to you. the warming trend continues for your labor day. driving our temperatures above average for this time of year. giving you a look at the south bay over san jose. mostly clear skies. our air quality good to moderate across the region. we have a light breeze and temperatures already warming into the 80s in some cases.
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patchy dense fog along the coastline earlier this morning. advisory in place until #. still hugging 9 coast. meanwhile our on shore breeze has been clipped all together. we have a northerly breeze in fairfield. 5 miles an hour northeast reported at sfo to about 8 miles an hour. so definitely signs of the heat up already under way. we will continue for your labor day afternoon. in and around sausalito if you are going here, this is going to burn back. we have just a little bit of fog around ocean beach. pacifica mostly clear. mostly cloudy over half-moon bay. if you are heading to santa cruz, we are seeing clearing here as well. mostly sunny skies elsewhere. temperatures 5-10 degrees above what we felt 24 hours ago. we will keep this trend into the afternoon. 83-degrees in antioch. 82 for fairfield. right around the bay we have 60s. 68 in oakland. 62 san francisco.
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if you are heading out to see the games the giants and a's playing this afternoon. a good looking forecast. temperatures sitting in the low 70s for the second half of the afternoon with a light on shore breeze developing for the second half of the day. 74 for mountain view. 77 in san jose. gradiant definitely a summer like pattern. we have 70s at the coast with 90s inland. ridge of high pressure will continue to build in for the rest of today. that is what a squashing marine layer. down below 1,000 feel. pinning it up against the coastline. most of us dealing with mostly sunny skies. from time to time we watch the marine layer push just into the bay. but it doesn't get any farther than that. in a nutshell waking up with the patchy dense fog. the warmup continuing for the second half of the afternoon. today will be the warmest day. a cooling trend will begin tomorrow. temperatures sliding back to the seasonal average by wednesday. a look at your afternoon highs.
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mid 80s san rafael. low 70s expected in sausalito. upper 70s to near 80 degrees. into the south bay 86 san jose. 85 for santa clara. 84 sunnyvale. 84 redwood city. 71 degrees expected this afternoon. the extended forecast again a slight cool down for tomorrow. the big e cool down will -- the bigger cool down will come wednesday, thursday into friday. >> thank you rosemary. the secret service is investigating after one of their trucks with was stolen in detroit. the secret service says the truck contained some of their equipment when it was taken saturday night. the secret service is in detroit to provide security for vice president biden's labor day visit today.
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as many as 15,000 people turned out to celebrate petaluma little league team after their run at the little league world series. >> this is just i just love petaluma so much. best town in the world. >> players and coaches waved to the crowd from a line of classic cars during a parade through the streets of downtown. messages of congratulations could also be seen at most of the businesses. >> words can't explain it. i mean, i just can't explain it. proud of him. proud of all the boys. >> petaluma finished third in the tournament. for photos from the parade, go to and click on the photos tab. a full slide show from the event has been posted. it is the last day to take a ride on a historic roller coaster near the bay area. also a check on gas prices. we'll tell you if they are still on the rise. [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal.
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many drivers are not it willing high gas prices keep them home. today's prices match the labor day national record set four years ago. that is $3.83 a gallon for regular. here in the bay area of course we are paying more. in san francisco the average is $4.23 a gallon. $0.04 in cheaper in san jose. nine months after the susan g. komen foundation sparked controversy by refusing to fund
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planned parenthood fewer people signed up for this year's walk in san francisco. registration for sunday's 5k is down about 50% from last year. donations are also down about 65%. the susan g. komen foundation reversed its decision of pulling funding from planned parenthood following the public outcry. the burning manifest value wraps up today in the festival. the festival stayed under the phyllary imposed limit. bureau of land management said the crowd peaked on friday when 52,000 people were there. it's the last day for roller coaster fans to take a spin on the hurricane at the santa cruz beach board walk. after today the ride will be taken apart and shipped to western play land amusement park in new mexico. a new roller coaster called
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under tow will take its place next. warning going out to san francisco students and the serious illness that prompted it. what the school is telling students to do. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you on and mobile mçó4+y?i
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